Our Mission

We want you to succeed, and because companies rise and fall according to their leadership, Compass Leadership was created to guide leaders in their leadership journey and their business strategy. Because, how a leader leads himself determines how they lead others, Compass Leadership helps leaders:

1. Defining your why, purpose and what success looks like, 

2. Take a clear look and develop your unwavering principles (values)

3. Strategize and plan out what the next steps for the leader and business looks like.

Then we will reduce suffering in the business world by moving leadership in the direction of becoming world class therefore creating thriving companies by building healthy leaders. We will create a clear path and framework to develop and grow leaders and sustain business that owners can hand down to other great leaders and create legacy.

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Jerimae Yoder (Co-Founder/President)

Jerimae developed as a leader in the nonprofit sector for 15 years in churches where he built strong teams and solid organizations through coaching and team development. He holds a certification in coaching from Virtual Coach and has helped launch numerous businesses and coaching programs. His biggest contribution to the world is his positive outlook and growth mentality. He says “I love to help people become better at what they are born to do.” He and his family live in Nashville, TN.

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